Instructor: Ben Calloni, Lockheed Martin

Outline: The need for Cybersecurity across the globe has increased significantly in the past few years.  In response to that need, the National Institute Standards and Technology (NIST) agency in partnership with other US Government agencies create a new series of directives addressing the need to properly secure Information Technology systems.  Success of a company’s IT department depends on upper level business leaders understanding the need to provide proper funding support to manage Cyber risk of company intellectual property and privacy data.  This presentation will provide the audience with a basic understanding of Cybersecurity principles.

About the Instructor: 

Dr. Ben Calloni is a Lockheed Martin Fellow for Embedded Cybersecurity and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). He is a senior research program manager of Aeronautics Company in Fort Worth assigned to the Advanced Development Programs, formerly known as “The Skunk Works". His research interests are in the area of Software Security and Safety Assurance.

Dr. Calloni serves as the LM Corporate representative to the Object Management Group (OMG), is currently serving on the OMG Board of Directors, and co-chairs the System Assurance Task Force developing international specifications for System Assurance modeling tools.

Dr. Calloni is licensed by the State of Texas as a Professional Engineer in Software Engineering, becoming the 7th individual to be so licensed in the United States.

Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, Dr. Calloni served as a USAF Fighter Pilot in the F-4 Phantom with 2000 hours. He served operational tours in Europe, South East Asia, CONUS, and as an F-4 Central Instructor School instructor. He has a Ph.D. and M.S in Computer Science (Texas Tech University), an M.A. in Theology (Wayland Baptist University) and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering (Purdue University).